Vitotrans, transport and logistics company in Spain

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Vitotrans Transport & Logistics Company in Spain


years of experience in logistics and road transport

The best solution for logistics and transport in Spain

  • We work with strict food safety protocols, so that the freight arrives at its destination in perfect condition. #Reliability

  • We have a fleet of lorries fully equipped with the latest refrigerated and frozen technology for the transport of fresh products and raw materials. #Experience

  • We respond immediately to the needs of our customers, minimising the time between order taking and delivery. #Agility

  • We inform our customers of the status of their cargo at all times thanks to the latest mechanical and technological innovations in our vehicles, ensuring on-time delivery. #Communication

Vitotrans, your logistics partner in Spain

Why choose us?

"The reason why you select us is not as important as the reason why you continue to confide in us".

Iván Jáuregui, CEO of Vitotrans

1. Quickness & Immediacy

We are aware that in the world of logistics, immediacy is an essential value. We respond to our customers' needs instantly.

2. Safety & Commitment

What if your cargo doesn't arrive, or arrives in poor condition or too late? We guarantee that the freight arrives on time and in perfect condition at its destination.

3. Personalised Attention

We have a highly qualified team that allows us to attend to and solve the needs of our clients in a direct and individualised manner.

Committed to food safety in logistics and transport

Vitotrans is an IFS certified company in its commitment to the safety and quality of the products it stores and transports, offering its customers greater confidence and guarantees in the transport of perishable freight.

Vitotrans Transport & Logistics Company in Spain
Vitotrans Transport & Logistics Company in Spain
Vitotrans Transport & Logistics Company in Spain
Sareco Group

United, stronger, more competitive

Vitotrans is part of a large business group specialising in road transport with a presence in different strategic points in Spain.

Within the SARECO Group we have different companies specialised in logistics, import and export, in order to provide a comprehensive solution to all our customers. This structure allows us, in addition to having a greater logistics capacity, to be present in key points in Spain for our activity, connected to the main routes in Europe and North Africa.

We have modern facilities in the three headquarters of the group that together exceed 7.000 sq. m. for loading and unloading.

We ship your freight anywhere in the European Union

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