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Vitotrans Transport & Logistics Company in Spain

Frozen food transport in Spain

In recent years, cold transport (refrigerated, frozen) has experienced great growth due to consumer demand. Cold transport has a great impact on our daily lives and guarantees the highest level of food safety. When it comes to transporting food or perishable products, cold and temperature-controlled logistics are essential to guarantee the transport and shelf life of these products.

At Vitotrans we specialise in logistics and frozen road transport from Spain. Our experience and high logistic capacities allow us to offer our clients a quality, flexible service, adapted to their needs and optimising each journey and load.

At Vitotrans we work daily with large supply chains of food and perishable products with highly satisfactory results, both in Spain and in Europe and North Africa.

We offer our logistics and frozen transport services throughout Spain, Europe and North Africa.

We have fixed daily routes to Madrid, Barcelona, different parts of Andalusia and Perpignan in frozen transport.

We are present in the main logistics centres in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona and the port of Alicante, among others).

We are a Spanish company specialised in the transport of frozen freight of food and perishable goods.

In logistics and transport, immediacy is an essential value. For this reason, and thanks to our capacity, we offer a quality service, flexible and adapted to the needs of our clients in an immediate way for the frozen transport of food and perishable products both in Spain, as well as in export (Europe) and import (Europe and North Africa).

What are your needs? At Vitotrans we offer various types of frozen road transport depending on the size of your company and your needs. From full loads to part loads, through batches or groupage. Whether you have a single load, or several loads each week, at Vitotrans we can manage your cargo and offer you an optimal solution to your frozen road transport needs from Spain.

We have a fleet of trucks fully equipped with the latest technology in frozen transport to ensure its correct transport and delivery, guaranteeing a controlled and constant temperature with innovative alarm systems.

Logistic Operator for frozen road transport in Spain

With Vitotrans you can manage from your office and with just one call, the logistics and frozen road transport of your freight in the mode you need, from full loads to partial loads, through batches or groupage. We are the Spanish logistics operator that offers you security and peace of mind for all your loads, without mishaps. From origin to destination, in perfect condition.

By entrusting us with your frozen food transport and logistics activities, you will have a team of professionals at your side who will keep you informed at all times of the status of your freight and guarantee the best possible optimisation of your freight flows. All you have to do is tell us where to load and unload, and we will do the rest for you.

International frozen transport

In recent years, cold transport (refrigerated, frozen) has experienced great growth, due to consumer needs. In many cases, companies need to carry out international transport, as they import or export certain products and for this it is necessary to have a logistics operator that can manage and secure all your loads in different parts of Spain, Europe or even North Africa.

Vitotrans has the experience and high capacity to manage the logistics and international frozen transport of your food or perishable products. Thanks to our structure, we are able to export all types of fresh products to anywhere in Europe, with our frozen transport service that guarantees delivery times and high quality standards adapted to the needs of each client, optimising each journey and load. We can also import perishable products from anywhere in Europe or North Africa via frozen transport.

We specialise in exporting and importing fruit and vegetables to Europe and North Africa. We have extensive experience in logistics and international road transport of freight for the primary sector.

In recent years, cold transport (refrigerated, frozen) has experienced a great growth, due to the needs of consumption. Frozen logistics has a great impact on our daily lives, ensuring maximum food safety. When it comes to transporting food or perishable products, cold and temperature-controlled logistics become a vital necessity to ensure the transport and life of these products.

When it comes to frozen transport by truck, we rely on the refrigeration unit. This aggregate is a device that can control the temperature of the container. In the case of trucks, the aggregate is mobile and these vehicles are called isothermal vehicles.

An isothermal vehicle is a means of transport with insulated walls, roof, floor and doors. This prevents heat from the outside from entering the refrigeration unit.

Thanks to the individual refrigeration unit, it is possible to lower the interior temperature even if the outside temperature is 30 °C on average. The ability to lower this temperature is used to classify the vehicle type. This is necessary to obtain products with specific thermal conditions. This is also one of the most common requirements in land transport.

The main objective of frozen transport is to secure the freight in its frozen state and to eliminate the excessive heat that can occur in refrigerated means of transport, keeping the temperature of perishable freight and transported foodstuffs stable so that the correct conditions are maintained throughout the transport. Normally, this type of transport is used for goods such as foodstuffs and perishable freight, etc.

The transport of frozen products requires a refrigerated vehicle to keep the product at temperatures between -18ºC and -25ºC. During transport and storage, frozen products are kept strictly at a temperature below -18°C. Any other figure could mean that the freight has been compromised at some point and is therefore unsafe.

The transport of frozen goods includes all freight, whether food or perishable, that requires temperature control. To ensure that the truck does not return with rejected freight, carriers of frozen goods are strict in this regard and must take steps from the outset to ensure that the truck and its freight are organised and managed correctly and efficiently.

Frozen food transport by road is the most common way of transporting and distributing frozen food throughout Europe, whether in national or international transport. Food can be shipped to any country. However, refrigerated transport has become more important due to the longer shelf life of perishable food or products. This type of land transport, the truck, ensures the most efficient delivery over all these distances. During transport and delivery, compliance with the cold chain must be ensured.

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