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Vitotrans Transport & Logistics Company in Spain

Logistics and storage of perishable foodstuffs or perishable products in Spain

The industrial process of storage and logistics of perishable and food products must comply with very strict specific characteristics in order to guarantee their good condition throughout the supply chain. These characteristics make them a complex type of product in terms of logistics management.

Most perishable and food products require specific temperature and humidity conditions to maintain their original properties intact. This means that perishable products are often stored on industrial shelves in cold or freezer rooms. It is very important to adapt these environmental conditions to the type of perishable product, as the difference between them is considerable.

Vitotrans, your logistics partner in Spain

At Vitotrans we offer our clients a quality, flexible service, adapted to their logistical needs. We specialise in the logistics and storage of food and perishable freight. Thanks to our experience and high logistic capacities, we have become the logistic partner of large food and perishable goods supply chains in Spain, Europe and North Africa.

Thanks to the modern facilities we have throughout Spain, we offer our customers dry storage and temperature controlled storage through cold storage with a total capacity of 6,500m2, and an active loading and unloading service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, being able to flexibly deploy our human resources, systems, equipment and space, so that we can guarantee an optimal service for our customers.

What do you need? At Vitotrans we offer various types of road transport in Spain depending on the size of your company and your needs. From full loads to partial loads, through batches or groupage. Whether you have a single load, or several loads each week, at Vitotrans we can manage your load and offer you an optimal solution to your road transport needs in Spain.

Comprehensive logistics for fruits and vegetables in Spain

With Vitotrans, you can manage the logistics and storage of your fruit and vegetable products in any way you wish, whether at ambient, controlled, refrigerated or frozen temperatures, with a single call and from the peace of your office. We are the logistics company that offers you security and peace of mind for your freight, without anything going wrong.

By delegating the logistics operations of your food or perishable products to us, you will have at your disposal a team of professionals who will keep you informed at all times of the situation of your freight and who will guarantee its condition.

Food and fresh products depend on short delivery times and fast transport. That is why it is important to have flexible storage solutions for fresh products and foodstuffs to ensure on-time delivery. Thanks to Vitotrans and its efficient warehousing solutions, we will support you precisely in your project, meeting your needs.

Especially products that are stored in refrigerated chambers have very special requirements for their storage. In order to guarantee shelf life, the cold chain must not be interrupted during transport and in the time leading up to product rotation.

Both during storage and in all other phases of logistics, the cold chain must not be interrupted. Maintaining a constant temperature is therefore important to ensure the necessary hygiene of refrigerated or even frozen products such as fish, meat or vegetables. Integrity and control are desirable at all times for this purpose.

Fruits & Vegetables

Specialised in fruits and vegetables logistics and transport in Spain and Europe

Vitotrans Transport & Logistics Company in Spain

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