Vitotrans achieves IFS Logistics certification

The Spanish company specialising in logistics and transport for the agri-food sector has achieved this food safety certification.

Vitotrans, the leading transport company in integrated logistics, with headquarters in Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain), has recently obtained IFS Logistics certification, which guarantees compliance with international quality standards in logistics, distribution and food transport.

Thanks to its constant commitment to continuous improvement, and its commitment to the safety and quality of the products it stores and transports, Vitotrans has achieved this recognition, after successfully passing the external audit process that certifies full compliance with the IFS international standard.

This certification is recognition of Vitotrans' efforts to continue improving in today's demanding market and consolidates its national and international expansion strategy, offering its customers greater confidence in the transport of perishable freight.

"The achievement of IFS Logistics certification is for us a recognition of our work, but also an element of growth and differentiation in our sector, since not all companies have these protocols," says Ivan Jaúregui, CEO and founder of Vitotrans, who stresses the importance of IFS in logistics and food transport. "We often don't realise it, but having a certification such as IFS offers a guarantee and peace of mind to the customer that the supply chain is being carried out correctly, since we are transporting food".

What does IFS mean and what is it for?

IFS (International Featured Standards) is an international organisation that gives its name to certification by developing a uniform quality control and food safety standard. The development of the IFS standards is based on the increasing demands of consumers, the growing responsibilities of distributors and wholesalers, the increasing legal requirements and the globalisation of product supplies. Over the years, specific certifications have been developed for each part of the food chain, such as logistics and transport.

IFS Logistics is a certification system based on the safety of food and non-food products in companies involved in logistics activities such as transport, distribution and warehousing, as well as loading and unloading activities. This system aims to create transparency and trust in logistics companies with this accreditation along the food supply chain.

The IFS Logistics standard was created with the aim to unify and standardise quality standards in logistics and transport of freight, mostly refrigerated or temperature-controlled, to enable customers and suppliers to quickly identify companies that guarantee and comply with these requirements, to provide transparency throughout the supply chain, and to save time and money for suppliers and distributors in carrying out additional quality controls.

IFS Logistics audits are carried out by qualified and independent auditors from accredited certification bodies and must be renewed year after year.